Products and Services

Our services are focused to the following production technologies:


Gas Treatment

We supply Gas Treatment and Processing Plants for:

  • Dehydration.
  • Sweetening.
  • LPG Recovery.
  • Condensates Recovery.
  • Sales Gas for industrial and domestic use.
  • Power Generation.
  • Gas Injection.

Gas Compression

We design and manufacture customized solutions according to our customers’ needs, with different options in technologies, configuration, movers and accessories for:

  • Sales or dispatch gas.
  • Gas Lift.
  • Vapour recovery units.
  • Fuel gas.
  • Process gas.
  • Gas gathering or boosting.

Combustion Systems

We offer flare and general combustion systems with high efficiency and effectiveness for burning waste and emergency streams under the most stringent conditions:

  • Flare stacks.
  • Smokeless engineered flares.
  • Pilot systems.
  • Flame/detonation arresting systems.

EPC - Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Thanks to the support of our staff and the experience gained through the development of engineering projects, we are able to support our customers in the various stages of project development, from concept, to detailed engineering, to give the best solution to your needs technically and economically.

Aiming to provide quality services and to control the solutions offered, our company Works with PROMAX®, a powerful and versatile software tool for process simulation used globally by specialized engineers to design and optimize gas treatment, refining and chemical processes and facilities.

BOMT - Build, Operation, Maintenance & Transfer

According to our pexperience in projects development, we can provide plant and/or field equipment operating agreements with the best technical and economical alternative for our customers.

We can provide price agreements and rates for inventory management of spare parts as well as oil and gas facilities and equipment maintenance. Option to transfer and purchase the units at the end of the contract is also offered.

Rental Service with or without O & M

We offer our customers the possibility to solve their temporary needs through equipment rental for compression, pumping, gas treatment and industrial services.


Water Treatment

We supply water treatment plants for:

  • Chlorides removal.
  • Domestic water.
  • Hydrocarbons and TSS removal.
  • Water purifying systems with high efficiency filtration technologies.
  • Prosep’s proprietary technologies for fluids treatment.

Crude Oil Treatment

Through our representatives we design and manufacture production facilities for treatment of crude oil and process equipment in general:

  • Thermal treaters.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Steam generation and injection
  • Pressure vessels.
  • Filtration equipment.
  • LACT units.
  • Modular production units.

Power Generation

We supply power plants for self- generation, co-generation and generation to connect to the national power grid with gas and Diesel engines.

Equipment rental, power sales, mounting, operation and maintenance.

Power generation centers using:

  • Natural gas
  • LPG
  • Biogas
  • Alternative energies