For DYPROTEC, CSR is synonym of permanently strengthening the values that have allowed us to carve a seal of seriousness, commitment and respect within the memories of those who DYPROTEC has interacted with in the projects we have developed.

Close and active participation with each actor that takes part in the project development such as Contractors, Communities, Investors, Suppliers, Customers and Local Authorities allow us to reinforce our strategies to improve the ties in search of mutual benefits, where growth and win-win pacts are the base of everlasting and continuously improving relationships.


DYPROTEC has established Management Criteria based on ethical and respect principles with our interest groups, contributing active and voluntarily to the social, economical and environmental development. Therefore, DYPROTEC is committed to develop activities that allow:


DYPROTEC identifies its interest groups taking into account the communities impacted by the activities related to the company normal operation. They are classified in two big groups:

- Internal Interest Groups: Those belonging to the internal structure of the company:

  • Workers/Employees

- External Interest Groups: Those not belonging to the company internal structure:

  • Customers
  • Community
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Local Auuthorities
  • Environment